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Identity and web


Branding and website created for David Allen - an emerging new media artist who creates and designs computational interfaces for use in performance arts.

My Role
Graphic designer and
UX/UI designer

Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD

The Team
1x Creative Director
1x Project Manager
1x Copywriter
1x Designer

Three week sprint
Brand strategy - one week
Brand design - one week
UI - one week

My Key Contributions
Concept Ideation
Brand Design
Competitive Research
Interaction Design
Animation Ideation

The Process



Discover the client’s stories. Define their company identity. Articulate their core values


Background research. Competitor analysis. Brand asset development


Lo-Fi sketches and wireframes.
Client presentations

Bring to life

Prototype design
Ideate animation
Refine design language

Asset delivery
Developer hand-off

The Client


For this project, our team worked with David Allen, a Hispanic-American digital culture worker whose art weaves threads of movement into experiential patterns using kinesthetic interfaces. David is on a mission to envision interactions with new interfaces and facilitate their development into plausible real-world applications.

To help spread the word of his mission and bring in new partners, he needed a new portfolio website. Our team worked closely with David to craft a digital experience to amplify his groundbreaking work.

Our Challenge


David’s main audience is creatives who are struggling to move past ordinary models for envisioning and performing projects. His goal is to empower creatives who embrace emerging digital technologies to incarnate their visions and attract new engagement with their art.

How might we build an inviting and inspiring website to inform, excite, and connect potential clients? 

Brand Design Process



Logo sketching / ideation
Image style Ideation Process

Final Visual Style + Final logo

Logo animation

Web Design Process


With our research, goals, and branding in mind, we started mapping out the home page design. Once our copywriter finalized all the copy for the site, we started sketching out the ideas on paper. After discussing the paper mockups with the team, we fleshed them out in Adobe XD.

After finalizing the rest of the homepage and getting approval from the client, we finalized the rest of the page designs in Adobe XD. Finally, we delivered the final page designs to the developer, who we worked closely with to ensure the brand guide was followed accurately.

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