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// Sugar n’ Spice //
Identity and web


Sugar n’ Spice is an iconic Cincinnati diner known for its wispy-thin pancakes and rubber ducks. A staple in the local community since 1941, the beloved restaurant serves generations of fans across the city.  Sugar n’ Spice quickly outgrew its dated and clunky website. They were in need of a brilliant new site that displayed their signature, whimsical style in a clean layout that could grow with their business.

My Role
Graphic designer and
UX/UI designer

Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

The Team
1x Project Manager
1x Copywriter
1x Designer
My Key Contributions
Concept Ideation
Brand Design
Competitive Research
Interaction Design
Animation Ideation

The Challenge


Challenge #1

Refresh their digital presence while still remaining true to the classic, bold Sugar n’ Spice aesthetic

Challenge #2

Create a new website where finding the menu or location of a restaurant is quick and easy

Challenge #3

Do it all using Elementor, a custom page builder tool, to help speed up the process and make the site easy to update in the futur



Brand Refresh

Homepage scroll-through

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