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Identity and web


PharmaCord works on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers to help patients get their prescriptions faster and with less hassle. Through their custom-built technology, exemplary patient support staff, and on-site pharmacy, PharmaCord is able to expedite the prescription process in a way that none of their competitors can match. The problem was, they couldn’t figure out how to explain what they did clearly on their website. Even some of their own team members were confused about the core offerings of the company.

My Role
Graphic designer and
UX/UI designer

Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

The Team
1x Project Manager
1x Copywriter
2x Designers
My Key Contributions
Concept Ideation
Brand Design
Competitive Research
Interaction Design
Animation Ideation

The Challenge


Challenge #1

Create a new brand identity without totally redesigning their current logo. 

Challenge #2

Rename and rebrand their suite of products and services.

Challenge #3

Create a new website that untangles the complex nature of their work and makes it easy for the target audience to understand.



Brand Refresh – Brand guide design

Software Suite Logo Design

Homepage Scroll-through

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